I would like to put some nice photo of me but, let us say, that at the moment, and it happens to be a rather long moment, I am going through a phase of ‘I don’t have time and I wish I don’t really care’ kind of attitude towards appearance.  I am putting more effort on what I can create rather than on what to do with the physical me or trying to photoshop something up.

So for now, until I have more inspiration or I am under the bravery-enhancing influence of alcohol, this section will remain without graphics.  I did try to put something on, even using one of those welcome pictures that WordPress gives you once you set up, but somehow I can’t get them to display.  But I have little time.  And this is not Facebook.  This is just a mini section if you are a little bit remotely interested to find out some more about me.

Briefly, here it goes.

I like to think of myself as your next door super hero.  Working on boring accounts by day, and putting on my Artiste cape at night, I try to transform myself and do something useful with my life here on planet earth.  Is this something Super Man said or am I making it up?